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Will Abstract: John Gatewood

by Deborah Shelton Wood


Abstracts of Essex Co Va Records

Nov. 14, 1706. The will of John GATEWOOD of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA.

Will of John Gatewood: John Gatewood of Shouth Farnham Parish, Essex County, planter, being very sick and weak of body, dated 14 Nov. 1706. To my eldest son John Gatewood 100 acres that I formerly brought of Edwin Thacker lying on John Cheek's line. To my eldest daughter Frances Shackelford one shilling. Unto my son Richard Gatewood the plantation I now live upon and the land pertaining thereto. Unto my son Thomas Gatewood 150 acres, part of land that I formerly bought of Capt. Richard Haile, now decesed, being also part of 5000 acres which did formerly belong unto Collo. Thomas Goodrich, Mr Henry Aubrey and Maj. George Morriceall, deceased. Unto my son Henry Gatewood 75 acres beginning at a corner tree standing against Simon Copner's house who is now deceased and running toward Joseph Billender's land. Also one six year old stear and one cow and calf. Unto my daughter Amy Burnett 4000 pounds of tobacco and one bay mare with a blase in her face branded on the new buttock with this brand 3. All the rest of my worldly estate to be equally divided between my three younger children and my beloved wife, Amy Gatewood, namely between my beloved wife and Sarah Gatewood and William Gatewood amd Francis Gatewood. My beloved wife Amy Gatewood and my son Richard Gatewood, executrix amd executor. Signed John Gatewood Wit: Joseph Baker, Thomas Wheeler.

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